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The Church's one foundation is our Lord and Savior.
In 1842 people gathered on the farming land known as Claysburg (John Ingram's land). They worshiped together in the open air locations and in small huts during bad weather, until 1866.
The Baptist fellowship in a log cabin, built on Prison Hill in 1866 called the First Baptist Colored Church. The church's name was changed to Prison Hill Baptist Church in 1884.
The Church moved to Eighth Street and Illinois Avenue with a name change to Illinois Avenue Baptist Church. Once again the church relocated at 716 Indiana Avenue and was renamed Indiana Avenue Baptist Church in 1899.

On 12/17/1918 the congregation purchased a plot ground to build a large worship room, with a smaller shed in the rear, later to be wiped out by water from the flood in 1937. Only the shed had minor damage that withstood the flood. With a few repairs and adjustments, the shed was converted into a place of worship. With the assistantance of the State of Indiana and the member given money, the church was rebuilt.
In 1951 the church hits destruction again and was gutted by fire. The community and congregation worked together to rebuild and remodel the inside.
In 1959 the urban renewal started rebuilding Jeffersonville. The property at 714 Indiana Avenue was taken by the state through the renewal program. The church was given profit from the building to purchase our present location.

With honors we would like to present our newest shepherd.
Pastor Phillip Allen . . . God has - called him, chosen him, ordained him, gifted him, equipped him, anointed him, instructed him, guided him, enabled him, blessed him, all   because of his obedience to leading God's flock. 


The Lord's Prayer
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